Flora and fauna

From bears to bees, foxes to fish, whales to wildflowers, Canada’s biodiversity is incredible. We’re looking for your best shots of Canadian plant and animal life.

Urban Canada

What makes your city unique? Behind the glittering skylines of our country’s major cities, historic neighbourhoods, picturesque parks, fantastic festivals and architectural gems await. We want to see your best photos capturing the colour and life of Canadian cities.

Active outdoors

How do you stay active? Whether it’s hiking a mountain trail, paddling along the shore of a still lake, or cross-country skiing through fresh snow in your local park, we’re looking for photos of you, your friends and family enjoying Canada’s diverse landscapes in every season.

Iconic landscapes

From the wave-swept fiords of Newfoundland, to the dramatic peaks of the Canadian Rockies, to the ancient forest groves of British Columbia, to the breathtaking openness of the Arctic tundra, we want to see your best photos of Canada’s iconic landscapes.

Wild weather

Canada is notorious for its weather extremes! We’re looking for your best shots that tell an amazing weather story, be it a dramatic thunderstorm, a record-breaking snowfall, or the simple sculptural beauty of clouds on a summer’s day.