Haynes Ranch, Oliver BC

Haynes Ranch, Oliver BC
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"John Carmichael Haynes (1831-1888) was born in Ireland in 1831. He arrived in Victoria, B.C., in 1856 to join the B.C. police force. Haynes became rightly known as the “Father of Osoyoos” and is credited with being the first settler, colonial officer, and judge in Osoyoos. In 1861, customs transferred from Camp McKinney to “Soyoos” where Haynes was put in charge of the whole Okanagan, Similkameen, and Boundary areas. He built a combined living quarters and customs house – the first building in Osoyoos. In 1866 Haynes was commissioned County Court Judge. Haynes and his partner, W. H. Lowe, in 1869, recorded the first pre-emption to be subsequently crown granted. This was the beginning of Hayne’s vast ranch, which comprised almost 21,000 acres."

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