A view of the village of Rossport, from high on Quarry Island.

A view of the village of Rossport, from high on Quarry Island.
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Sometimes referred to as the "Peggy's Cove of the North", Rossport is a beautiful little village nestled on one of the most protected harbours on Lake Superior. Commercial fishing began here in 1880 and the building of Rossport Inn in 1884 symbolized the future of the community .... a future that seemed assured once the link was made with the CPR in 1886 and rapid transport of Superior's Lake Trout to markets across Canada and the United States was made possible. And so it was well into the next century when overfishing and lamprey predation on the lake trout and whitefish led to the collapse of the fisheries in the 1950s and 1960s. Unrelated, but indicative of changing times, the railway station was demolished in 1966. Yet the Rossport Inn remains, welcoming travellers from both the water and the highway. Today, the village is reliant on tourism and with additional facilities and accomodations, the people of the community stand ready to help provide tourists and other visitors with the opportunity to discover the history and unique beauty of their area.



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