When You Can't Wait Your Turn to Look

When You Can't Wait Your Turn to Look
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Uploaded by Kevin Biskaborn on Dec 22 2019 in Barrie
Taken on Jun 02 2019

A family of raccoons will have multiple dens within their home range. During daylight hours, they use them to keep out of sight -- most of the time. For newborn raccoon kits, every sound is a temptation to peak out from their hiding spot. The eastern raccoon kits photographed inside this compact tree hollow clambered over one another, including their much larger mother, struggling to take a look at the exact same time. This shot was captured from a parked vechile while standing out of the moonroof to get on the same level of the tree hollow that the raccoons were occupying. These babies scrambled to take a look outside and this moment of symmetry only lasted a second before one of the raccons fell down and another climbed on top of the other. Not pictured in this photograph is the much larger mother raccoon who was also inside the same hollow. It was a tight space even for her size let alone her three babies.

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