Baby Barn Swallow's Happy Canada Day!

Baby Barn Swallow's Happy Canada Day!
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Uploaded by Barbara Levy on Dec 20 2019 in Salt Spring Island

Canada Day and my Mom's birthday both happen to fall on July 1st and this year we decided to start celebrating by visiting our animal and human friends in the south end of the island at the Salt Spring Island Cheese farm. As soon as we arrived, an adult swallow swooped down to the ground in front of me and then, when I looked up, I saw swallows everywhere darting through the air like miniature, iridescent jets. I followed their streamlined flight and just stood marvelling while I listened to their cheerful voices until two sweet fledglings (one of whom is pictured in my photo) decided to perch on the fence about two metres away from where I was standing. The swallows on our island are usually very friendly and this pair was no exception, letting me get almost close enough to touch them.

Richard Eckert


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