West River Standoff

West River Standoff
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Uploaded by Patrick Keefe on Nov 06 2019 in Meadowbank
Taken on Mar 16 2019

As I walked along the frozen river bank near my home, I happened upon an eagle perched on a dark object. Excitedly, I readied my camera for a picture of the eagle. As I began shooting, what appeared to be a rock began to move! The initial shots I took portayed a defeated goose, dominated by the strength and size of the eagle. It was only a matter of time. I was saddened and simultaneously in awe with the scene I was witnessing. To my great surprise, this turned out to be not the end at all! As the eagle continued it's attack, flying up and diving down with it's razor sharp claws, the goose saw it's opportunity. With every ounce of energy in it's body, the goose stood up and greeted the frustrated eagle with a display of defiance and the determination to live. Standing up, wings outstretched, face to face with his attacker, the bruised and battered goose persevered. Shortly after this display, the exasperated eagle gave up and flew away. The goose, minus a few feathers and blood, retreated under a nearby dock where he recovered from his battle wounds the remainder of the day.



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